Ice concept manufacture

The ten years experience in installing and manufacturing Ice-Concept’s fixed and mobile refrigeration plants has guaranteed the research and use of the highest quality materials, with requirements to improve performance, thus ensuring low consumption our ice rinks.

We currently have two production systems in EPDM and ALUMINUM, continuously updated, both of excellent efficiency.

The entire Italian manufacturing ensures a low wear product, which requires little maintenance during the installation steps and in the next phases and is finally of great visual impact as it is taken care of in every detail.

Ice-Concept manufactures internally all components assembling a plant, from the structure to the smallest of the accessories used.

We actively follow every step of the production phase to gain a complete knowledge of the product.

  • Registered office: Via P. Ugolino Frasca, snc – 66100 Chieti Scalo

  • Operative site: Viale Inghilterra, 6 – zona ind.le San Salvo

  • Phone: +39 0871 454229
    +39 349 1984432


balaustre in legno per piste di ghiaccio
serpentina in gomma EPDM
produzione e lavorazione piste di ghiaccio
pannelli per pista di ghiaccio in alluminio
moduli serpentina in gomma EPDM